Natio­nal Union of Voca­tio­nal Students in Finland

Established in 1987, the National Union of Vocational Students in Finland (SAKKI) is a student orga­ni­sa­tion for those pursuing a voca­tio­nal degree in upper secon­da­ry educa­tion. Our orga­ni­sa­tion has almost 100 000 members. We provide our members an official student card, which entit­les the holder to the largest range of student discounts in Finland. In addi­tion, we super­vi­se the inte­rests of students and orga­ni­se recrea­tio­nal and trai­ning events. Our acti­vi­ties are based on an apprecia­tion of and pride in voca­tio­nal compe­tence as well as cheris­hing the unique culture related to this.

Student card

You may become a member of SAKKI and receive a student card if you are a full‐time student in a voca­tio­nal insti­tu­tion, you are eligible for a study grant or an adult educa­tion allowance, your studies conti­nue for at least 8 months without inter­rup­tion and you do not receive allowance (e.g. earnings‐related allowance) or a subsidy granted by a TE Office. The student card has no age limit.

The student card costs 16 euros for one year, 21 euros for two years, 25 euros for three years and 29 euros for four years. The SAKKI card is there­fo­re the chea­pest student card in Finland. The SAKKI card allows you to enjoy all the bene­fits in the Frank benefit service, such as the full student discounts of VR and Matkahuolto. You can see all the bene­fits in Finnish at or in English at

You need an iden­ti­fiable port­rait of your­self to order a SAKKI student card. In addi­tion, you need a scanned version of your certi­fica­te of regi­stra­tion. You can request a certi­fica­te of regi­stra­tion from the office or the student coun­sel­lor of your insti­tu­tion. The certi­fica­te must include your name and the esti­ma­ted time of gradua­tion. Once you have your photo­graph and certi­fica­te, you may fill in the members­hip form here. Unfortunately, the members­hip form is only avai­lable in Finnish.

The student card will be deli­ve­red in about three weeks. The card is valid for one year at a time, and a sticker to conti­nue its vali­di­ty will be sent every August as long as your members­hip is valid. So remem­ber to notify us if you move to a new address! You can change your address here.

If you have any inqui­ries concer­ning the student card, please contact our custo­mer service by e‐mailing We serve custo­mers in Finnish and in English, but unfor­tu­na­te­ly not in other langua­ges.


When orde­ring a SAKKI card, you may also select an inter­na­tio­nal ISIC student card. This allows you to enjoy the bene­fits of a SAKKI and an ISIC card with a single card. The price of the combi­na­tion card, 9 euros, is added to your members­hip fee invoice. The ISIC payment is non‐recurring, so it does not influence the annual members­hip fee later on.

The ISIC card is proof of your student status where­ver you travel, you will gain access to student bene­fits in over 130 count­ries and save money with more than 42 000 ISIC bene­fits in 120 000 places around the world. You can browse the ISIC bene­fits in more detail at (in Finnish) or (in English).